What are 2- dimensional arrays?

In order to understand what 2 – dimensional arrays are, it will be easier if you knew about matrices. Now, a matrix has some number of rows and some number

What is recursion in c?

  Recursion is a phenomenon which happens when a function calls itself The reason why we use recursion is to make big problems smaller and easily solvable. example: /recursion #include<stdio.h>


  example 1: #include<stdio.h> main() { int a = 10; printf(“a is : %d\n”, a); fun1(); } fun1() { printf(“a is %d”, a); }   output: error.   As you

how to create a server on aws

  WHAT IS A SERVER? A server is also a computer but it has dedicated functionalities which means they can be used for the purpose of hosting a website and stuff like

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  Functions   functions in c are like subprograms in a way that a program solves a specific problem whereas when you divide that problem into subproblems, you do that with